1,动力头采用机械弹簧 锥块夹紧/液压松开模式,夹持可靠,维护周期长;






Product feature:

1,KD55A-By using the load-sensitive technology, the pressure

distribution of the whole system is more reasonable, no throttle loss.

The system conversion efficiency is high, and more energy saving and

environmental protection. KD55B-Using a simple and reliable traditional

valve control system, cost-effective.

2,The power head with mechanical spring and cone block clamping /

hydraulic release mode, clamps reliably for long maintenance cycle.

3,The feed system is driven directly by the cylinder, so the structure is

simple and compact, and the feeding / pulling force is bigger.

4,Standard hydraulic base who can achieve 0-180 ° tilt adjustment,

convenient , fast and reliable.

5,KD55A with a hydraulic winch for taking the core, also can choose

an electric winch.

6,Ergonomic console can achieve centralized control and drilling

parameters show . The operation is convenient, safe and

reliable under low labor intensity.